The graduate program, leading to a Master of Engineering degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree, is designed to provide a broad perspective and mastery of fundamentals through a required sequence in advanced mathematical analyses and through emphases in the following three areas :
  • Thermal Fluid Science
  • Solid Mechanics and Design
  • Control and Manufacturing
Each student is trained to develop the ability to perform independent research and to build up appropriate professionalism in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Throughout the various programs, substantial emphasis is placed on the development of systematic procedures for analysis, effective communication skills, practical aspects in design, and on the responsible use of technology. This can provide students with an approach and a philosophy of great utility, irrespective of their ultimate career. Distinguished Alumni
Year Winner Grad. year Title
2015 CHEN,PI-CHUAN 1972 Chairman of CTCI Corp. in Malaysia
2014 CHOU,WEI-LI 1972 CEO/President of Sunperfect Solar, Inc. in USA
2013 HSIANG,FU-CHI 1984 Chairman of Darwin Precisions L Corp.
2012 KAO-SHOUNG WU 1971 General Manager of Formosa Heavy Industries Corp.
2010 FONG-HSIANG HSIEH 1972 Vice President of Beijing Fengshou Wine Co.,Ltd & President of Dong Hsun Hsin Trading Co., LTD
2010 JU-CHIA KUO 1984 Program Manager & Research Fellow of Energy and Environment Research Laboratories Industrial Technology Research Institute
Executive Director of Ministry of Economic Affairs carbon reduction technical service team
2009 TIEN-TZU SHON 1969 President of Sanpolo Computer Equipment Co., LTD
2009 MING-HSIEN SHEN 1970 President of Cheer Educational Institution
2005 FONG-SHUH DAI 1973 Executive Director & Chief Operation Officer of FIH Mobile Limited
2004 WEN-CHUNG LIAO 1969 Executive Vice President of CTCI Corporation
Honorary Chairman of E&C Engineering Corporation

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